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Current Inventory

This is our Current Bulk Inventory for 2023.

Bear Baits
Priced at $.20 cents per pound:  Pretty blue, pretty orange, pretty pink, whatever the name, it is some form of icing and is great for bear baiting wherever it is legal. Each flavor and color seems to weigh a little differently so bait is priced per pound, not by bucket and weight is clearly marked on each bucket.

We like the icings because most nut products including trailmix, granola, honey roasted nuts, etc end up in ground squirrel dens long before the bears get a chance to get fat on it.

Try some of these icings. The bears LOVE it and you will too!.      

As you can see.....the bears eat good!

Bear Scents
Smoke sticks in a variety of attractant smells (please use with caution) .

Bear Baits

Product Description Price
   Bright Orange Icing  20 cents per pound
Chocolate Icing  20 Cents Per Pound
Some Tan Colored Icing. 20 Cents Per Pound
Beautiful Blue Icing

 20 Cents Per Pound

   Purple Icing  20 cents per pound
   Mint Chocolate Chip Icing  20 cents per pound
   White Icing  20 cents per pound
   Buttercreme Frosting  20 cents per pound
   Pretty Pink Icing  20 cents per pound
   Another color of icing  20 cents per pound
    Buttercreme Base  20 cents per pound
Another Icing Product  20 Cents Per Pound

Bear Scents

Product Description Price

Bacon Spray Scent with Sprayer/32oz.


Bear Jelly/32oz. $22.95
Super Sweet Cherry Burst/8oz. $12.95
Gold Rush/8oz.
Power Blocks/12lb. $35